Hydrogen is a central element of our plans in order to meet the net-zero emissions target by mid-century. It is not the “silver bullet” for the #decarbonisation of our energy mix, but it is the #energy carrier that we have to invest more heavily.

Emphasis should be given to hydrogen from renewable sources and that additional #renewableenergy demand from hydrogen will have to be taken into account in the future deployment of clean power generation capacity.

However, the role that low-carbon hydrogen will have in an initial phase to ramp up production, including blue hydrogen made from natural gas, is of paramount importance in order to to progressively increase the percentage of the production of green hydrogen, until the time where we will be able to cover our needs with 100% green hydrogen.

In this regard we have to take on board all the appropriate technologies including #CCS & #CCU and at the same time we have to provide security to our citizens by addressing their concerns with responsibility.